Arthrotreat Capsule

 Arthrotreat Capsules contain of Persea grattisima, Glycine hispida, Curcuma longa, Boswellia papyrifera, Vitamin C & Silicon, which is standardized based on betacitosterol at 3.5%, equivalent to at least 24.5 mg per capsule. This product is very effective in reducing inflammation and joint pain.

Arthrotreat capsules contain herbal ingredients that help cure osteoarthritis and have no side effects from chemical drugs and significantly reduce the pain and inflammation arthritis joints.

So that after 3mounths of consumption, the mobility of his joints increases and the patient can easily perform their daily activities.

Arthrotreat capsule compounds prevent the breakdown of collagen and cartilage tissue underlying proteins and prevent their destruction.

Arthrotreat reduces inflammation and joint pain by inhibiting inflammatory enzyme such as: cyclooxygenase and nitric oxide synthetase in tissue and preventing the production of immune mediators  and prevents cartilage tissue, including the body’s immune system.

کپسول ارتروتریت - arthrotreat capsule
کپسول ارتروتریت - arthrotreat capsule
کپسول ارتروتریت - arthrotreat capsule

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