Lipoless Capsule

Lipoless capsule is a slimming supplement that each capsule in this capsule in this product contains 1700mg of essential nutrients for the body called L-carnitine, Coffea canephora, Aframomum melegueta, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B5.

This capsules are standardized on 46/2 mg of  polyphenols in terms of %45 chlorogenic acid.

L-carnitine in Lipoless capsules improves the physical function of the body, increase energy efficiency and strengthen the ability to exercise, increase the body metabolism sand fat burning and increase the ability.

   L-carnitine is a protein compound made in the from a combination of the two amino acids  lysine and methionine . The human body makes carnitine through the synthesis vitamin C, B6, B3.

The main function of carnitine in the body is to help metabolism and convert food into energy. Carnitine dose this by transporting long chain fatty  acids into the mitochondria for beta oxidation, which ultimately leads to fatty acid oxidation and energy  production.

Also, L-carnitine  in lipoless with its extraordinary properties strengthen s the body’s health and improves heart function.

Athletes taking lipoless supplementation will delay the onset of fatigue during exercise or bruising after strenuous exercise, which will help increase muscle tissue and preventing muscle wasting.

کپسول لیپولس - lipoless capsule
کپسول لیپولس - lipoless capsule
کپسول لیپولس - lipoless capsule

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