Liroheal Capsule

Liroheal capsule contains silybum marianum, curcuma longa, piper nigrum, trametes versicolor, inonotus obliquus, ganoderma lucidum & phellinus linteus. This capsule improves normal liver function, treat hepatitis, fatty liver and liver cirrhosis.

This days, liver disease has become very common among Iranians and has become one of the leading causes death.

Poor liver function reduce the body’s ability to properly digest food, absorb nutrients, break down fats, and excrete toxins. In this disease excessive accumulation of fat in the liver,  sometimes disrupts the normal activity of liver tissue, which can progress and cause liver failure or liver cirrhosis.

Liroheal capsule has an effect on the liver and a direct effect on its activities by strengthening the liver, cleaning the liver, regulating enzymatic activity and relieving liver cramps.

Sylimarin in Liroheal capsule has a protective effect on liver cells due to its antioxidant properties. Silymarin eliminates free radicals and increases the intracellular concentration of glutathione ( a substance required for detoxification  reactions in live cells).

Turmeric has liver protective, antioxidant and chlorotic properties ( Increase bile secretion).

Also, the combination of fungi in this capsule improves liver function.


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